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Crafted In The Heart


Supporting Horses, Just Like Family

At STIFF Vodka, our love for horses goes beyond the bottle. That's why we're proud to support Old Friends Equine, an organization providing a loving retirement for racehorses. With each bottle you enjoy, a portion of our profits goes directly to Old Friends, ensuring these incredible animals receive the care and respect they deserve. STIFF Vodka is not just a spirit; it's a toast to the enduring spirit of these majestic creatures. Cheers to supporting horses with every sip


John, Local Rochester

Business Owner

"I tried stiff vodka and was pleasantly. Surprised with how smooth it was.  Go to new vodka!"

Jeff, Local Rochester

Business Owner 

"Tried the new stiff vodka and came away very impressed. The drink was very smooth with virtually no burn. Which is especially impressive given. It's a higher proof.   sipped it on ice with a splash of cranberry. It will be my new go to vodka!"

Sara, Financial Planner

"Stiff vodka was very smooth. Not only did I take a shot of it. I. Also tried it as a mixed drink. The flavor is good and no bad after taste highly recommend!"


Sip STIFF Vodka for a taste of local love and support for retired racehorses. Let's raise a glass to community and compassion in every bottle!

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Co-Founder and Professional Head Pro Steve Barber, bottom left of this photo brings a wealth of experience from his tenure as the Head Golf Professional at Locust Hill Country Club, hosting to the LPGA for 37 years in Rochester, NY.

Steve has been teaching people and players to knock it STIFF for years. In fact the original idea behind the name for the brand came from this unique golf term of hitting it close to the pin or knocking it “STIFF”. The idea evolved and as fate would have it more light bulbs went off as the idea of a STIFF drink being something that people seemed to be missing. Barber put two and two together and decided to make a vodka that was just a little bit stronger, 82 PROOF to be exact. 

During a dreamlike moment on a Monday at the Finger Lakes horse race track Barber looked up from his newspaper tracking the horses before placing his bets and it hit him. “What if STIFF could connect amazing people across the world to help retired race horses, unite the world around what matters, and make a difference in the process.” The rest is history. STIFF Vodka was born, and the story is only just beginning to unfold.

Taste the Finger Lakes in Every Sip

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